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The SHIM Part I

How the SHIM Lives Its' Life©

Once upon our time, and for extended periods of time before this, there exists a planet in one of the billions of sun systems far out in one of the billions of galactic systems within The Universe. This planet, third from its small, yet potent hydrogen sun, possesses large expanses of life-nurturing waters, life vivifying atmosphere, a range of environments and life-sustaining lands -- Lush, Plush, Flora and Fauna of encomprehensible beauty and variety. Now, expressing from the established laws of manifestation that flow as the dictates of the Conscious Creating Cosmos, organic life form classes and individual entities arose. The dominating creature-type on this planet is a five appendage multi-environment adapting, dual sexual type energy-transforming-entity which is called "SHIM" (Self-HUMANIZING*-Individuated-Manifestation).

There are currently more than seven billion SHIM entities inhabiting the land masses of the planet. Interestingly, despite their own presumption that they are the highest beings in the existence of this particular Universe of multi-galactic systems, these SHIM were under the constant observation of real HIGHER BEINGS from galaxies and dimensions all over the universe, primarily because they were truly an exceptionally funny lot. For instance, they could perceive that the planet was covered in water (an entity composition that is two (2) parts Hydrogen + (plus or rather bound to) one (1) part Oxygen in it's molecular state [or identifying construction pattern]) and they learned that they were 67% water, yet they persisted in declaring themselves Carbon-based creatures (Noting that Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen were their known building particles of entitiness ... Among their many uncoverings of cosmic processes they apparently had rudimentary chemistry and mathematics, but didn't understand it's application to patterns, essence-context or scales, for after all, they did not comprehend systems or interdependencies).

The SHIM spend their life-times (which, due to their own particularly peculiar styles of energy exchanging and waste, cycles thru less than 120 home to star revolutions {or as they say -- years}) making things and doing base-level activities. They make all manner of theories about each other and the world they live in. They construct objects to manipulate, insert into, cut and stimulate their minds, bodies, and the planet life-support systems always in the name of "power", "intelligence" and "technology". And they seemed to absolutely revel in figuring out ways to harm each other physically, emotionally, and mentally.

However, while their antics of violence to themselves and others was tragically funny, and their constructs of fantastical enculturation beliefs and pompous ruminations elicited giggles and giggles: such as the practice wherein any cunning entity, no matter how base, crude or undeveloped to their Cosmic Nature, such a creature could, by group decree and respect, own or control other SHIM and/or land and its contents/resources anywhere on the planet it was born "on" and be proclaimed "rich, powerful, important and even elite or special", all while expressing a noteworthy display of degenerate vain-glorious delusion and selfishness. And let us not forget, of course, that while the driven way that they went about destroying their planet and these confiscated resources was a pathetic hoot, the absolutely most hilarious activity of this ever growing number of SHIM was their unrelenting commitment to living in self-contained boxes.

How then, being factually of the essence of the Cosmic Source, do these SHIM degenerate into such a state?

This is how each was taught to be in their world:

At birth they were given an enculturation gift package containing six thick, clear acetate panels. 2 square (1.5 times calculated average adult SHIM girth) and 4 oblong (1.5 times calculated average adult SHIM height). The family members and environmental group would place the 1st square on the ground as a "foundation." This one is labeled RACE/ETHNICITY ... Note, the panel IS NOT labeled "HUMAN BEING!!!" It is this cosmically-determined geo-environmental physiology based adaptation of the epidermis upon which the SHIM organizes its' identification manifestation perspective, and will henceforth stand (or rather, is told to stand in by the SHIM world society) before the SHIM can deal with any other attributes of "Who I am (or rather, THINK , I am)".

Next an oblong panel is placed to the SHIMs back. This one is marked, GENDER, either Male or Female because of certain cosmic-biologically necessary differences of reproduction functioning and hormone production. The SHIM will rest on this as it goes about expressing base adaptation behaviors, habits and psychology. The SHIM now knows how to place the panels so under the watchful eye of its tutoring environmental members it personally places the next oblong panel in front.

This one compliments Gender and is SEXUALITY.

It is placed in front so the SHIM can look at the world seeing with whom or how it wants to expend its highest normal self-controlled energy. There are slats used to construct this panel. Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bi-Sexual. Monogamous, Serial Monogamous, Celibate, Onanism, Polygamous, Polyganous, Polyamourous, Deviancy, fetish and other more disturbing levels of action (such as rape and pedophilia). Each of these slats has a tint called "gradation of liar".

On the right-side goes the oblong panel labeled "ENCULTURATION INDOCTRINATION PRACTICES". It goes on the right because the right side is controlled by the left-brain which functions from reductionism or segmentation/division practices of comprehension (this is sometimes mislabeled "rational/analytical" processing). All of SHIM social identity is here in individual slats, and of course each has a "gradation of liar" tint. Beliefs ("My group is good/right, that group is bad/wrong"), Roles (father/mother/child/sister/brother, worker-type, rich, poor, etc.) The multitude of opinions (such as Democrat/Republican/Capitalist/Communist/fascist/anarchist, etc.) Class and caste concepts, philosophical -Isms. And many more idea-fixes than can are accepted and expressed in their average lifetimes.

Now on the left goes the complimenting oblong panel "INNER CONVERSATIONS ON SELF-CONCEPT/AWARENESS". The right brain is intuitive/creative/wholistic, so all self identifiers and inner conversations are in the slats here, "I like, I don't like, I'm smart, dumb, great, ugly, sexy, fantastic, lonely, neurotic, psychotic, etc., etc." This is because the SHIM's socialized "I"-sense creates who ["I" think] "I" am and how "I" behave in the world through this tinted panel and it's right paneled compliment.

Finally, the SHIM looks up. It places the last square on top. This one is RELIGIOUS/SCIENTIFIC/SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE. It goes on top because the SHIM looks up and out to consider its life, its hopes, and its desires for after-Life or death. The slats here represent the various religions and philosophies (Buddhist, Christian, Jew, Hindi, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist, Scientific, etc.) that the SHIM world leaders create/interpret for the SHIM to use, join, leave, defend, oppose, believe in, etc. as the "right context" for being an inhabitant of this small far off galactic speck. There are "gradations of liar/lies" tints here too.

The SHIM can breath in this box, because the slats are on hinges that permit air and environment to circulate. The SHIM is mobile, by holding any complimentary walls and hopping [yes, like a rabbit: the passive, thoughtlessly multiplying, group oriented cute creature that has huge ears to hear information that drives its behavior]. If the SHIM likes the ideas for this group -- it hops to the right. When the SHIM wants that person sexually, it hops forward. When the SHIM is curious about itself, or is self conscious, or depressed etc. -- it hops to the left. This behavior drives the SHIM. Note that when it comes to religion the SHIM hops up but it can't stay up in the air for very long, so it spends a lot of time staring up, talking about up, and hearing what's being offered about up (It hears sermons and phrases about how it can/should act "righteous, kind, giving" but the SHIM doesn't act on this [stay in the air [mindset] very long.] or live here (after all it's hopping and has been taught it can not fly)).

The longer the SHIM lives [in the box] the deeper the box settles into the Earth (SHIMs grow up and heavier and the Earth is muddy and pliable) ... Egad!! It's a SHIM coffin.

Here the now debased SHIM (existing merely as a Socialized-Humanoid-Ignorant-Miscreant) lives, reacts and will die in a plethora of fictions ... just lay it down in eternal rest.

Question dear reader: "What is the true essence of the SHIM that lives inside the box if the panels that make the box are all external "social" mechanisms of conditioning and enculturation the SHIM is taught to put in place?"

Is Escape An Option?

Paying my debt of existence:

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